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National Kodak Award Winning Photographer

My first memory of my obsession with photography was on a school trip when I was 11, with my first camera, a Kodak Instamatic 33. Do you remember the little cubed flashcubes that gave you just 4 flashes?

In my teenage years I was absorbed with photography. I bought 35mm black & white film in 100 foot rolls and rolled it in 36 exposure lengths into film cassettes that I scrounged from local camera shops - you can still buy film like this today on Amazon.

Developing film and prints

I then developed the film using chemicals I had mixed and to make prints, I converted the family bathroom into a darkroom. Most of todays generation of digital photographers will never experience the magic of seeing a print gradually appear before your eyes.

For those of you who are interested, the process involves 3 trays; developer, stop bath and fixer. The print is firstly exposed under an enlarger and tests would first be done to establish the correct exposure.

Then the print is immersed in the developer tray, where you see the image gradually appearing. This is a magical time and something I never tired of.

After the correct amount of time in the developer tray, the print is then lifted (with tongs) and placed into the stop bath. This stops the development of the image.

Then the print is placed in the fixer tray to "fix" it, to make the print permanent. After this the print is washed using water, then hung up to dry.

Full time wedding & portrait photographer

My professional career began with two years learning my craft at a studio in High Wycombe and I then progressed to managing studios in Kings Lynn, Lincoln, Cambridge, Leeds, Derby, Nottingham and Luton, before opening my own studio in 1987.

I love photographing weddings and capturing a set of images that mean so much to the couple

In 1998 I was one of the first photographers in the UK to make the switch from film to digital photography. Unlike most photographers at the time, I had been using computers and editing images in Photoshop for years. This positioned me perfectly to make the switch to digital.

In addition to photographing weddings and portraits, my work has also included PR, business portraits, publicity shots and portfolios for models, actors, musicians and a few celebrities. Sir Bobby Robson, Sir Steve Redgrave and Buster Merryfield are among my favourites.

I have also taught courses in digital photography and Photoshop at North Herts College, Stevenage and other organisations. I also give one to one training and have trained many photographers in digital photography and Photoshop. I'm enjoying giving something back, training a new generation of photographers.

I have photographed over 1,000 weddings, won a coveted national Kodak Portrait Award and travelled around the country and I still love what I do.

I feel honoured to be a part of such a special occasion

My work has taken me from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne to the South Coast, from London to the Cotswolds, although I work mostly in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and the Home Counties

I'm a photographer to my core and I'm always looking for the next great shot

I enjoy walking and getting into the mountains of the Lake District, and of course, my camera is always with me.

If you'd like to see what I do when I'm not photographing weddings, here's some of my other photography.


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