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Pre-Wedding (engagement) Photo Shoot

Get to know your wedding photographer

If a friend asked me whether they should take advantage of a pre-wedding shoot with their photographer, I would say...absolutely! Don't book a wedding photographer if they don't include a pre-wedding shoot. You should get to know your photographer and be confident that they will photograph you well - before your big day! How will you get on with them? Will you like their photos?

My clients constantly tell me that they are very pleasantly surprised by how good they look in photos, (when photographed by a good professional). A few couples have even gone into the pre-wedding shoot with apprehension, based on thoughts that they "don't look good in photos". This misapprehension is based on a lifetime of snaps taken by non-professionals.

Clients are delighted to learn that they can actually look great! They are then more relaxed on their wedding day, enjoying it more...and looking even better in the wedding photos!

Read this testimonial by a real bride who was a little apprehensive about her pre-wedding shoot, but was then very happy.

Click here to see Janine's testimonial

Kodak Portrait Award Winner

In addition to winning a national award, back in the day when the Kodak Awards were a huge thing in the professional photography industry, from running my own high street studio for 30 years, I have a solid background of photographing thousands of people from all walks of life. Many of today's photographers just don't have this experience.

Let's get to know each other

Let's get to know each other before your wedding - and get some great portraits in a local park. This is also a convenient time to chat face to face in detail about your photography on the day - your preferences and your must-get shots.

Professional portrait for your stationery

Many couples use an image from the pre-wedding shoot in their wedding stationery, on invites, order of service, or on menu's or thank-you's.

Over 1,000 Weddings ... and counting!

Enjoy your very special day, secure in the knowledge that your photographer is a total professional, with a ton of experience in all conditions, at all types of venues.

You can choose an image from all the shots taken and this is provided to you as a fullsize, high resolution jpeg image that you can use in your wedding invites, menu's or stationery.

I will take shots of you in several different settings, depending on light, weather and the time of year. In the event of a forecast of inclement weather, we can rearrange the shoot, although this happens far less than you might think.

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